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Due to serious unforeseen circumstances this clinic will be closed for December 2021. Please speak to your pharmacist about any treatment issues for NSW and QLD patients. The doctors at Riverlands (02 6620 7600) are covering for my NSW patients and your pharmacist may contact them about your problem. All prescriptions have been extended through to 2022
you are a health professional and would like to have your call put through to Dr McGeown please phone 07 3535 0627 and a phone operator will patch your call through.

Sorry... I am above my regulated maximum client numbers and cannot take new patients

 from chaos

Whether it is codeine from the chemist, heroin from the dark web, Oxycontin from three different doctors, people are often at the point of hopelessness when they come to see me. They have tried everything and feel that they have failed.


They often find it hard to believe that stability and quality of life are possible. Opioid substitution treatment is proven to work, and in over 20 years I have been privileged to prescribe for thousands of people who now  have their lives and families back, been restored to good physical health, regained employment, studied and traveled overseas again.

After more than two decades assisting people survive opioid dependency, I genuinely believe that quality, compassionate care is not only possible but essential.  An empathetic, respectful and understanding approach that genuinely minimises shame and stigma results in the best outcomes. This is not idealism, this is evidence-based best-practice medicine.

Treatment does not need to be "liquid handcuffs" - it should be the key out of opioid entrapment.

There is no longer any 4pm drop in clinic. Please SMS 0468 869 873 for an appointment or a request

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