I operate a bulk billing solo doctor practice at my Lismore office

- this information relates to this office only.


SORRY - I am no longer taking new patients. I am at full capacity and will not be seeing new people for the foreseeable future.

Please see Riverlands and get on the program with them. When I do start taking new patients I will only be taking people who have first stabilised with them.

Being a solo practitioner means that processing and responding to requests and messages falls to me, with an answering service to direct calls from doctors and pharmacists etc to my personal phone.


Response times for patients will now be at least 24 hours and probably 48 hours for non urgent things.


If you are a health worker, pharmacist or doctor then please phone 0468 869 873 and ask to be put through to me. Health professionals only. Please respect this, thank you.


Please read further if you would like information about alternative ways to contact me:


  1. Send me a detailed and clear text message (0468 869 873) about what you need. If it cannot be put in a text it probably needs an appointment. I won't get to read messages until I finish work. I will respond to them according to urgency. Non urgent things will not get done – come to the drop in clinic instead. Apologies - but I cannot return phone calls, literally hours per day would be required to do that.

  2. If you have cannot text then phone the clinic number 0468 869 873. The answer service will take your message and send it to me in a text and it will be processed exactly as above (phoning is essentially the same as texting)

  3. Make an appointment to see me. Old school I know, but it works. Leave a message and I will get back to you with a time.

  4. Use the drop in clinic (see over) - 4.30 on Monday and Tuesday afternoon – these are five minute appointments but you get what you need. For existing patients only.

  5. Talk with your pharmacist. If it is an emergency* they will call me.

  6. All prescriptions have the time and date of your next appointment on them. If you need to know the time of your appointment on the day – ask your pharmacist. If you are going to miss your appointment, do not stress. I will send a new script through with an alternate appointment time.

  7. Please don't drop in during the day to squeeze in when I have a gap – I don't have gaps, I always have work to do – please come at 4.30 for the drop in clinic.


*There are really only five emergencies – this is how I prioritise messages: these come first. Everything else takes a distant second place.


  1. Urgent out of town travel for family or personal crisis

  2. Urgent extra TA for genuine emergencies

  3. Floods

  4. Lost or stolen TA (you need a police report, but remember, it is not a guarantee they will be replaced)

  5. Your prescription expires (this is usually due to a missed appointment)


If any of these happen then speak to your pharmacist, they know what to do or they can call me. (For urgent out of town travel I request that they give you extra TA to cover this. And remember- I can get you dosed at a pharmacy near where you will be staying in NSW, Vic or QLD.)


Apologies in advance - but proof of emergency may be required by the chemist or myself. This can seem dis-respectful, and I agree, but it is in response to several significant and elaborate ploys. Hard to believe I know, but it has happened.


If your chemist declines to call me, please respect that. You will not change their mind and it will only cause conflict.


I work in Brisbane on Thursday and Friday, it is extremely busy and I knock off at 8pm. Those patients are my priorities then, so response times will be longer. Drive up and see me there.... there's great coffee nearby and Brisbane's best charcoal chicken is across the road.


******* All pharmacies know that I want and expect that my patients are not forced to miss doses if this can be avoided AT ALL COSTS ******

I will always provide appropriately dated prescriptions to cover emergencies.



Drop In @ ClinicRx


On Mondays and Tuesdays at 4.pm I have started a drop-in clinic (first come, first served). No appointment or prior warning is required. Drop in's through the day will be asked to come back at that time.



These will be BRIEF (3-5minute Medicare Level A) appointments to sort out dose alterations, changes to TA, missed appointment prescriptions or other more administrative things. They aren't substitutes for your regular appointment and they must be urgent issues about your opioid program.


Please don't drop in during the day.... it makes me run late, it creates a crowded rowdy waiting room and this can intimidate people.


Thanks as always


Paul McGeown