Long acting opioids that
are used in substitution
programs cause chronic
suppression of saliva and this in turn promotes dental caries and decay.

These are some PDF files that I laminate and put out on the waiting room coffee table to stimulate discussions between clients and myself.

Taking the treatments for hepatitis C are not complicated. But there are a few things you can to do promote your health and make the treatment more likely to work
Putting something aside for a rainy day, or a flood
We might as well talk about it because its happening......
Your pharmacist is one of your best resources on the program. I see the kind of baviours that go on towards pharmacists. When the chips are down and I cant be contacted, its the pharmacist who will help you out.............or
Get treated.
just do it.
People who are symptom free can slip in to cirrhosis without much fan fare. So those people are the ones that need treatment
Hey Doc can you fax a script to my chemist.
The answer now is NO when it is after hours.
check it out
Someone in the State Debt Recovery should be cannonised for their idea of reducing debt by doing social good - volunteer work, taking your child to playgroup and ......... being on suboxone or methadone.
You can drop the debt  at $1000 a month once you are  registered. Just ask but you will need a dedicated appointment for this.
Your phone is how I keep in touch with you.
This practice employs SMS as a way to communicate and those SMS become part of your medical record
But this only works if you update me  on your phone number.
Constipation can not only be uncomfortable, but dangerous as well.
Opioid dependent peole  are all at risk for complications in their guts.
This contains detailed information on the back
Alcoholism is a common scenario waiting for people who come off the program. Alcohol and opioids share some common pathways in the  reward network which is why they share some common treatment drugs.
Baclofen has been a startling revelation for me and requires further study at the correct dose.
This is a handout I send to GP's who hear about it and want to try it, but I am going to completely rewrite this based on a website that comes out of The Royal Perth Hospital. It is the most thorough clearinghouse for information, links, personal experiences and clinical guidelines and rather than include any information on this page I will just refer to the link www.baclofentreatment.com
CV Dec 2017.pdf (page 1 of 6) 2018-10-12
Who is this man?
Why is his beard so short there?
Where did he come from?
Is he really a kiwi?
When do I see Dr Paul.pdf (1 page) 2018-
Do I need to get another GP
Do I need a referral?
When do I see my "regular GP"
What does this guy do?
What doesn't he do?
Coming off the program.pdf (1 page) 2018
Been on the program a while?
No injecting for at least six months?
Keen and motivated to have a trial off the program?
Its hard to commit to long-term treatment unless you've had a trial of getting off the program.
Might be a good time to talk about the options, how it's done, the risks and how to minimise the impact of a relapse.
Read this checklist and talk to the doc next visit